What is The difference between Mini locks™  & Micro Rings ?

The main difference is the size of the connections (rings) they are smaller flatter and lighter and extremely comfortable to wear. 
As they are smaller, they are great for very fine hair making them undetectable and also ideal  for shorter hair as they can be placed higher up, making blending much easier.

Remi Cachet Elegance Mini tips are 20" length  and 
have been specifically designed for the use 
with Mini locks  

 Grade AAAA+ Remy Hair  which is sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia.  

The hair is hand selected before delicate production to ensure high quality is maintained throughout the production process.
 The mini tips is made with a soft German Keratin to produce tiny  bonds to fit the  the mini locks .
The Remi Cachet Elegance range will last approximately
 6 - 9 months *

if correct maintenance and aftercare are carried out on the hair during wear.


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